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format of a person's name

This website uses first name last name format for names in all languages.

verify the tutor

You are encouraged to contact (for example: make a phone call) the tutor to verify the fluency of the language you need before your first lesson with the tutor, you can use this websites's message function and ask the tutor for his/her contact informations.

how do i know if a tutor is reliable

Inspectors from this website will pretend to be a student and take lesson with random tutors, staffs will judge the tutor's knowledge and personality base on the report from the inspector, then reliable tutors will have an "approved by Tutor Hero" line in their profile.

lesson rate(fee)

All lesson rates shown on this website are for reference only (except the message(s) between the student and the tutor), student should discuss the actual cost of lesson with the tutor personally.

All lesson rates shown on this website are hourly based (except the message(s) between the student and the tutor); for example: "$30" means "$30 per hour".

All lesson rates shown on this website, their currency is corresponding to the tutor's region.

how to make appointment with a tutor

1) Click "tutors" from the navigations on the left. 2) Click "list". 3) At "Tutors -> List" page, click "lesson request" at the top of a tutor's profile. 4) At "Lesson Request -> Register" page, choose subjects, location, date, time, and write a note to the tutor regarding the lesson. Before requesting your first lesson with a tutor, please contact the tutor to verify her/his ability.

if image is not showing correctly

If the image is not showing correctly, please try to clear browser cache; depending on whether you are using Windows or Mac, and depending on what browser you are using, the way of clearing browser cache may vary, you can Google the solution for example "Mac Safari clear browser cache"; if you still cannot find the way to clear browser cache or still having problem with the image, please email

email from this website

This website sends you email to notify you certain kinds of incident that happens to your user account; for example: this website will send an email to notify the tutor when a student requests a lesson. Currently, this website avoids putting clickable link in email, because this website encourages you to be extra caution to email spoofing; the URLs that this website sends you require an extra step which is copy and paste the URL to your browser, during the copy and paste process you have more opportunity to verify the authenticity of the URL (for example: verify the domain of the URL); the domain of this website is Not just the email this websit sends, in general you should be caution to all the emails you receive, malicious email can pretend to be a genuine email (for example: it can look like a genuine email sent from your bank), and lure you to go to a page that you may voluntarily give the thief your login authentication information.

contact admin

If you find any error, or if the selections (for example: teaching subjects, languages, regions) in this website do not have the one you need, or if you have any improvement suggestion, please email